HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope

The HF2IS is the solution you require for dynamic and static impedance spectroscopy. Two differential measurement units with a wide frequency range and 4 dual-phase demodulators, are matched with the unprecedented precision of a 128-bit DSP engine. This permits to perform multi-frequency measurements with very high sensitivity and precise static impedance characterization combined in one fully-digital benchtop instrument. These capabilities satisfy the highest impedance measurement requirements of leading research laboratories.

HF2IS Key Features

  • 2 measurement units with single-ended and differential operation
  • 0.7 µHz - 50 MHz analog frequency range
  • 210 MSa/s, 14 bit A/D conversion
  • 4 frequencies simultaneously (8 with HF2IS-MF option)
  • 2/3/4-terminal measurement configurations
  • Large range of demodulation filter settings
  • 4x 1 MSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog output
  • 2x 400 kSa/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog input
  • USB 2.0 high-speed host connection
  • Included graphical user interface, programming interfaces and data server

HF2IS Applications

  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy
  • Microfluidics for Bio-technology & bio-engineering
  • Semiconductor characterization
  • Solar cells and organic LED (OLED)
  • Food quality control (meat, milk, vegetables)

HF2IS Available Options

HF2IS-MF Multi-frequency

The HF2IS-MF multi-frequency option impressively extends the capabilities of your HF2 Impedance Spectroscope, by adding 4 additional demodulators and a wide range of configuration options. This greatly improves the flexibility of the instrument and as a result greatly enlarges the research horizon of scientists. The aim of this capability is to replace a great number of instruments with only one. Zurich Instruments is the only hardware vendor who has mastered this feature.

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HF2TA Current Amplifier

The HF2TA current amplifier converts 2 input currents into voltage output in a wide frequency range up to 50 MHz. This device is an active probe which can be conveniently placed close to the measurement setup. It supports most applications where a current must be converted to a voltage. The dedicated design of the HF2TA ensures stability and a smooth operation over the entire frequency range.

EUR 2,700.00

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HF2IS Functional Diagram

HF2IS Specifications

HF Analog Input
Analog bandwidth 0.7 µHz - 50 MHz
Input impedance 50 Ω or 1 MΩ || 20 pF
Input noise voltage 5 nV/√Hz above 10 kHz
Impedance range 100 mΩ - 10 GΩ
Input range ±3.3 V
Input AC range ±1.5 V (with DC coupling)
A/D conversion 14 bit, 210 MSa/s
HF Analog Output
Analog bandwidth DC - 50 MHz
Operating ranges ±10 mV, ±100 mV, ±1 V, ±10 V
Signal adder ±10 V, DC - 50 MHz bandwidth
Output range 100 mA (max, 50 Ω output
D/A conversion 16 bit, 210 MSa/s
Demodulator & Reference
Number of demodulators 4 dual-phase (8 with HF2IS-MF option)
Output sample rate on USB: up to 460 kSa/s
on Auxiliary outputs: 1 MSa/s
Filter time constant 1 µs - 500 s
Filter bandwidth 80 µHz - 220 kHz
Filter slope 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 dB/Oct
X, Y, R, Theta 64-bit full range
Reference frequency resolution 0.7 µHz
Reference phase angle resolution 1.0 µ°
Auxiliary Signals
High-speed outputs 4 channels, ±10 V, amplitude, phase, frequency, X/Y, or user defined
D/A converter 16 bit, 1 MSa/s
D/A analog bandwidth 200 kHz
High-speed inputs 2 channels, ±10 V
A/D converter 16 bit, 400 kSa/s
A/D analog bandwidth 100 kHz
Other Interfaces
Host connection USB 2.0 high-speed, 480 Mbit/s
Pre-amplifier control bus ZCtrl proprietary bus to control external pre-amplifiers
Synchronization bus ZSync proprietary bus to locally interconnect ZI instruments
Digital I/O 32 bit, general purpose
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 10 cm (19" rack)
Weight 6.2 kg
Power supply 110-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature +5 °C to +40 °C
Internal oscillator output sine, ±1 V, 10 MHz
Internal oscillator stability 30 ppm
PC operating systems 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux

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