Discontinued Products

This page lists all products that have been discontinued. The original specification and current software support status are given for each product. All products will continue to be serviced and technically supported by our customer service team.

HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope

The HF2IS offered solutions for dynamic and static impedance spectroscopy, with two differential measurement units and four demodulators. The HF2IS is succeeded by a choice of two products. The HF2LI (with HF2-MF option) offers the same dual channel, multi-demodulator functionality for relative impedance spectroscopy. The MFIA Impedance analyzer provides accurate impedance measurements for impedance spectroscopy or fast static impedance measurements. It includes a fixture compensation advisor and a multi-stage current input.


The HF2LI-RT and HF2IS-RT options offered user programmability for the embedded processor. The functionality has not been integrated into the LabOne instrument control software and was exclusively available through ziControl (also discontinued, see below).


The UHS option was a hardware option for the HF2 series that offered higher accuracy for the internal 10 MHz reference clock as compared to the standard quartz oscillator. We continue to support and service all UHS devices in the field.

HF2CA Preamplifier

The HF2CA was our first preamplifier, designed to extend the HF2LI lock-in amplifier's measurement capabilities by enabling current measurements when using highly capacitive sources. Since then we've been able to demonstrate that the HF2TA provides similar or better performance than the HF2CA for almost all application cases.

  • Successor product: HF2TA
  • Former product page: HF2CA
  • Software support status: fully supported by current and upcoming LabOne releases

ziControl for HF2LI

The original graphical user interface for the HF2LI lock-in amplifier was replaced by LabOne with software release 15.11, published on 1.1.2016.

  • Successor product: LabOne user interface
  • Former web page description ziControl
  • Software support status: fully supported by current and upcoming LabOne releases
  • User manual

Additional notes

  • This affects only the graphical user interface as the server architecture and APIs are provided by LabOne independent of whether ziControl or the LabOne web interface are used.
  • Flawless operation requires the installation of LabOne and ziControl from the same release.

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