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Premium Customer Care

At Zurich Instruments we understand that excellent customer support and services are just as important as offering instruments with great specifications and superior software. In fact, Premium Customer Care is at the very core of our Product Philosophy. You will be supported by a diverse team of people with Masters and PhD level education and in depth technical and experimental knowledge. People like you.

Every product comes with Premium Customer Care support package that includes:

  • Feedback for any incoming request within 1 working day.
  • Unlimited downloads and number of installations of the LabOne instrument control software.
  • Free LabOne software updates, usually 2 to 3 times per year. New releases often extend the functionality of the instrument with great new features (and bug fixes). Check our download center for more details.
  • Over the years our support team has acquired a substantial application know how in many fields. We are happy to share our knowledge in form of blogs and on a personal level. You will be connected with the team member best suited for your requirements.
  • Every instrument is shipped with a standard warranty of 1 year for electronic parts and labor on defects in material and workmanship. This warranty also includes the worldwide return shipping for repairs under warranty.


Software Downloads

It is essential to keep the software of your instrument up to date. The updates contain plenty of new features, problem fixes and enhanced application support. This level of service is unique to Zurich Instruments, keeping us ahead of our competition for comparable products and finding no match in the marketplace. Software updates are highly recommended and free of charge.

Download Center


Support Request

Let's keep communication efficient. You have a question, a request or need for a technical discussion? Just send us an email to indicating your issue and preferred way of communication and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call directly on +41 44 515 0410 during Zurich business hours.

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Support Extension - Additional Services

In addition to our Premium Custer Care package included with every instrument, we also offer support and services that go beyond. These services are individually tailored and can include:

  • Online training of individuals and groups of people
  • Programming support
  • Onsite visit by one of our Application Scientists to help with the installation, training and setup tuning

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Warranty Extension

The standard 1 year warranty for electronic parts and labor on defects in material and workmanship offered for every instrument also includes the return shipping world wide and can be extended up to 7 years. We offer extensions in 2 year increments that can be purchased at any time while the instrument is still under warranty. Please obtain your quotation through the web shop and indicate the instrument serial on your purchase order:

UHFLI 2 Years Warranty Extension

HF2LI 2 Years Warranty Extension

MFLI 2 Years Warranty Extension

EUR 2,700.00

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EUR 1,150.00

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EUR 550.00

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Calibration of your Instrument

All instruments are designed to be sturdy and to deliver accurate measurements for many years. Nevertheless, the calibration interval of all instruments is set to 2 years. This is mainly determined by the properties of electronic components that we purchase from various manufacturers and the specifications provided. In order to guarantee operation within specs after the calibration is expired (see sticker on the back instrument panel), feel free to make use of any of the instrument specific calibration packages below. Each package includes:

  • Instrument calibration valid for another 2 years
  • Extended calibration report
  • 2 weeks turnaround at best effort
  • Visual and mechanical inspection
  • 6 months warranty extension (within 7 years)
  • Worldwide return shipping

UHFLI Calibration

HF2LI Calibration 

MFLI Calibration

EUR 900.00

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EUR 750.00

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EUR 550.00

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Please obtain your quotation through the web shop and indicate the instrument serial on your purchase order. We will be sending you further instructions for the return shipping after we have received the purchase order. See also Return Shipments.

Return Shipments

All instrument returns for calibration or repair require to be acknowledged before sending them to Zurich Instruments. Please contact us first and you will be receiving the respective Return Material Authorization (RMA).

Instrument Return Request

call +41 44 515 04 10
or leave us a message.

To help with your request and to comply with data protection legislation we will need to confirm that you agree for us to collect and use your personal data:

See here for details of the data that we hold on our customers and what we do with it. If you have any questions please contact