UHF-MF Multi-frequency

The UHF-MF Multi-frequency option adds another 6 internal oscillators to the instrument and allows a free choice of frequency for every of the 8 demodulators. This extends the capability of the UHF Instrument tremendously by offering a wide range of additional configurations for measurement and signal generation.

UHF-MF Key Features

  • 6 additional oscillators
  • Free oscillator selection for all demodulators (and Boxcar)
  • Arbitrary choice of frequency for all 8 demodulators
  • Output adder for combination of up to 8 sinusoidal signals

UHF-MF Upgrade and Compatibility

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Compatible with all other UHF options

UHF-MF Functional Diagram

The UHF-MF option, in combination with a Zurich Instruments UHF Instrument, provides the capability to analyze a signal at 8 arbitrary frequencies simultaneously. The independent configuration for each demodulator allows the choice between the harmonic frequency of another demodulator or arbitrary frequency analysis. This feature aims at replacing a stack of lock-in amplifiers resulting in a simpler laboratory setup and reduced cost. Today the multi-frequency option is a unique capability provided by Zurich Instruments not matched by any competing instrument.

This option includes 6 additional oscillators and the Oscillator Selector, giving the flexibility to connect any oscillator to any demodulator. With the Output Adder, UHF-MF enables free linear combination of all 8 sinusoid signals on the two Signal Outputs. Without the option, oscillator 1 (2) is permanently wired to demodulators 1-4 (5-8), and each Signal Output can generate a single oscillator signal or a single harmonic.

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