MF-MD Multi-Demodulator

The MF-MD Multi-Demodulator option broadens the capabilities of the MFLI and the MFIA by increasing the number of demodulators to 4 and the number of oscillators to 4. It also provides an additional external reference PLL (for a total of 2), and enables simultaneous DC offset and AC signal measurement.

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Upgrading the MFLI Lock-in Amplifier with this option enables simultaneous measurements of the current input and of the voltage inputs, as required for a number of applications. Moreover, data for up to 4 arbitrary frequencies – including higher harmonics – can be extracted from a signal at the same time. It is also possible to set each demodulator's input and filter settings independently.

When combined with the MF-IA option for the MFLI or installed on the MFIA Impedance Analyzer, the MF-MD option adds a second impedance measurement unit to the instrument and allows users to probe the device under test at 2 frequencies simultaneously. This feature can thus help to simplify the setup for experiments involving multiple frequencies and speed up measurements by up to a factor of 2.

The table below provides an overview of the main features associated with the MF-MD Multi-Demodulator option.






Simultaneous demodulation of
current input and voltage input
Number of oscillators 1 1 4 4
Number of demodulators 1 2 4 4
Number of impedance units 0 1 0 2
Number of external references 1 1 2 2

The listed features are independent of the frequency range and of other options installed on the instrument.

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