MFITF Impedance Test Fixture

The best measurement results can be obtained by using the included MFITF Test Fixture. Both the test fixtures and the carriers are designed to cause minimal parasitics and damping. However, the instrument is made to be fully compatible with other commercially available test fixtures and impedance setups. Auxiliary Outputs and Inputs provide and receive additional control signals to the DUT or analog feedback to other instrumentation. DIO connectors and Trigger ports enable measurement methods that require precise synchronization with other parts of the setup.​

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The MFIA Impedance Analyzer is always sold in combination with the MFITF Impedance Test Fixture. The test fixture as shown below is directly connected to the LCUR, LPOT, HPOT, HCUR connectors on the MFIA front panel. The spacing of the BNC connectors is compatible with established standards for LCR meter and impedance analyzer test fixtures. The MFITF comes with a set of low-capacitive and low-loss DUT carriers for surface-mounted devices (SMD) and for through-hole components. Using the MFIA together with the MFITF and these carriers ensures the best possible accuracy.

The MFITF front panel as shown above integrates an 8-pin connector (Sullins PPPC081LFBN-RC, Digikey part number S7041-ND) providing four signal contacts and four guard contacts for customized DUT holders.

Carriers / Sample holders

The following 12 PCB-based carriers are delivered with the MFITF:

Open (1 piece) Open circuit for compensation and testing
Short (1 piece) Short-circuit for compensation and testing
1 kΩ 0.05% (1 piece) 1 kΩ load with 0.05% accuracy for compensation and testing
4Pt (4 pieces) Carrier for SMDs with 4-terminal connection
2Pt (3 pieces) Carrier for SMDs with 2-terminal connection
Through hole (2 pieces) Carrier for through-hole components

MFITF Specification

This test fixture is designed for impedance evaluation of various lead type devices. The MFITF employs Kelvin contacts which realize a wide impedance measurement range. The contact tip can be changed according to the device shape

Frequency range DC to 10 MHz
Maximum voltage ±42 V, AC and DC
Applicable Instruments MFIA, MFLI
Terminal connector 4-Terminal Pair, BNC, 22 mm spacing
Dimensions 8.7 x 2.7 x 4.1 cm
3.43 x 10.63 x 1.57 inch
Weight 113 g
Operating temperatures +5°C to +40°C
Parasitics test fixture / carrier < 2 fF / < 8 fF
DUT connection PCB carrier,  8-pin connector (Sullins PPPC081LFBN-RC)

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