HDAWG-ME Memory Extension

The HDAWG-ME Memory Extension option increases the available waveform memory of the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator from 64 MSa per channel to 500 MSa per channel. This improves its capabilities for handling large libraries of waveforms for high-throughput device testing as well as for generation of wide-band chirp or noise signals.

HDAWG-ME Key Features

  • 500 MSa/channel waveform memory, instead of 64 MSa/channel

HDAWG-ME Upgrade and Compatibility

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Compatible with all other HDAWG options

HDAWG-ME Applications

  • Semiconductor device testing
  • Dynamic sequencing
  • Telecommunication

HDAWG-ME Description

Extended memory enables the generation of long, high-bandwidth signals that contain few or no repeated segments, which cannot be realized using sequencing and smaller blocks of memory. It can also increase throughput when using dynamic sequencing or rapid instrument reconfiguration, as is often used in device testing. Here a large library of stored waveforms allows the AWG to be used for a large variety of test situations without lengthy reconfiguration of the waveform memory.

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