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Key Features

  • 2.4 GSa/s, 16 bits, 750 MHz signal bandwidth
  • 5 Vpp maximum amplitude
  • Scalable up to 144 output channels
  • Highest channel density available
  • Less than 50 ns trigger-to-output delay
  • Digital modulation at multiple frequencies
  • LabOne® AWG Sequencer and Compiler



CHF 24 750.–

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    Pulse Counter Option

    Key Features

    • 4 or 8 counter modules
    • 4 or 8 signal inputs with adjustable discriminator level
    • 300 MHz maximum count rate
    • 4 modes: free-running, gated, gated free-running, and time tagging
    • Background subtraction with 2 counter modules
    • LabOne® toolset for counter measurement analysis


    Multi-Frequency Option

    Key Features

    • 4 digital oscillators per AWG channel pair instead of 1
    • Individual frequencies up to 750 MHz
    • Output adder for advanced modulation: digital I/Q, phase, amplitude, frequency
    • Independent envelopes for separate carriers on 1 channel: phase cycling, frequency-domain multiplexing


    Memory Extension

    Key Features

    • 500 MSa/channel waveform memory instead of 64 MSa/channel
    • Field-upgradeable option
    • Compatible with other options


    Real-Time Precompensation Option

    Key Features

    • Real-time waveform processing for in-situ tunability
    • High-pass compensation
    • Overshoot/undershoot compensation with 8 exponential filters
    • Bounce compensation for reflections and standing waves
    • Programmable FIR filter with convolution length of 30 ns
    • Filter reset by AWG sequence instruction
    • Precompensation Simulator
    • Latency calculation


    Output Skew Control Option

    Key Features

    • 10 ps resolution for wave output delay control
    • Constant resolution for all sampling clock frequency settings
    • Constant resolution across the full range


    IQ Modulator

    Key Features

    • 4-channel IQ modulator
    • RF frequency range 4 - 8 GHz
    • Intermediate frequency range DC - 6 GHz
    • Experiment output port switchable between RF output and direct LO output
    • Separate output port for mixer calibration
    • AC-coupled RF circuit design to prevent ground loops
    • Python programming examples for mixer calibration
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