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Oxford Instruments

With Oxford Instruments we cooperate on technical level to demonstrate how the user experience can be boosted by combining equipment from both companies, resulting in reduced time between installation and first scientific measurement.

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Micronit Microfluidics

We enjoy the intensive application exchange with Micronit in the field of microfluidics. The Dutch company is our microfluidic chip maker of choice and together we promote the electrical impedance spectroscopy platform (EISP).

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We recommend Fluigent pumps for Fluigent pumps for microfluidic applications and together we have embraced the challenge to divulge the electrical impedance spectroscopy to a world-wide audience.

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Ultrafast Instrument for Quantum Control 

Status: ongoing

Since 2015 Zurich Instruments collaborates closely with Prof. Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zurich and Prof. Hans-Joachim Gelke at ZHAW Winterthur in CTI project 15786.1 PFES-ES "Ultrafast Instrument for Quantum Control and Measurement". The project aims at bringing instrumentation for Quantum Engineering to the next level. Signal acquisition and arbitrary waveform generation will be integrated into one single system enabling unmatched low-latency feedback and forward control. High-precision synchronisation between multiple instruments and central software control by LabOne will set a new standard on the market.


Status: successfully finished

Based on the scientific results of its predecessor project DIMID GA 286692, the DIMIDplus project GA 606100 has successfully commercialized a novel, highly innovative technology for multi-parametric single cell analysis based on impedance flow cytometry. While this new methodology was already scope of researchers for several years, the DIMIDplus project could demonstrate for the first time the successful transfer of this innovation to the markets.

Zurich Instruments successfully acted as coordinator for this FP7 project. We are open to engage as coordinator or partner in future H2020 projects related to topics that match the Zurich Instruments strategic roadmap.

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