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How fast do you want to detect your periodic signals?

Measure and record with the best signal-to-noise ratio in the shortest time with Zurich Instruments Lock-in Amplifiers and Boxcar Averagers.

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64 channels in parallel

AWG channels in sync

  • Up to 144 channels
  • Automatic skew adjust
    to < ±100 ps
  • Fine tuning
    with 10 ps steps
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Lock-in Amplifiers

HF2LI Teaser

Zurich Instruments provides lock-in amplifiers for every frequency range up to 600 MHz.

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Quantum Computing Systems

PQSC Teaser

Zurich Instruments supports the development of quantum technologies and offers the first commercial Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS).

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators

HDAWG Teaser

Zurich Instruments offers arbitrary waveform generators that set new standards for channel density and integration with other measurement tools.

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Impedance Analyzers

MFIA Teaser

Zurich Instruments provides powerful tools for all types of impedance measurements.

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Denver, USA
March 2 - 6
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Tokyo, Japan
March 12 - 15
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New Orleans, USA
March 15 - 19
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Experience the State of the Art in Instrument Control

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LabOne® stands for platform-independent instrument control with proven measurement methodologies. The browser-based user interface comes with an outstanding toolset for time- and frequency-domain analysis as well as sophisticated support to set up control loops, perform noise measurements, and interpret measurement data. Interfaces to the most popular programming languages are also available.

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