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Key Features

  • DC - 50 MHz, 210 MSa/s
  • 2 independent lock-in units, 2 signal generators
  • 1 fundamental and 2 harmonics per lock-in unit
  • 4 auxiliary outputs, 2 auxiliary inputs
  • USB 2.0, 480 Mbit/s
  • LabOne® toolset including Scope, Sweeper, and Spectrum Analyzer

The Zurich Instruments HF2LI is a digital lock-in amplifier covering the frequency range between DC and 50 MHz. It is the instrument of choice for the characterization of MEMS devices such as gyroscopes and for measurements in the area of microfluidics. The HF2LI is equipped with the Zurich Instruments control software LabOne, which provides a web-based user interface featuring a spectrum analyzer, a sweeper and a basic oscilloscope, among others. A number of upgrade options can extend the functionality of the HF2LI to adapt to different applications. Furthermore, combining the HF2LI with the HF2TA Current Amplifier enables direct current readout.

  • HF2LI-MF

    Multi-Frequency Option

    Key Features

    • Signal input switch matrix for all 6 demodulators
    • Arbitrary frequency for all 6 demodulators
    • Oscillator switch matrix
    • Individual demodulator filter settings (slope and time constant)


    AM/FM Modulation Option

    Key Features

    • Simultaneous amplitude modulation and demodulation
    • Simultaneous frequency modulation and demodulation
    • Dual-demodulator (input) and dual-modulator (output) configurations
    • Harmonic analysis
    • Sideband separation (single-sided modulation)
    • Support for bimodal and multi-modal modulation for AFM


    Dual Phase-Locked Loop Option

    Key Features

    • Dual programmable digital PLL
    • PLL bandwidth programmable over a wide range
    • PLL Advisor (for adjustment of target bandwidth)
    • Configurable phase detector and PID controller
    • Best-in-class harmonic input and harmonic output distortion
    • Output of frequency deviation on auxiliary output connectors
    • Fully integrated with dual-unit lock-in amplifier


    Quad PID Controller Option

    Key Features

    • 4 fully programmable PID controllers
    • PID Tuner and PID Advisor with 4 simulation models
    • Flexible setpoint configuration: toggle, external, manual, cascaded
    • Anti-windup
    • Arithmetic Unit
  • Phase-Locked Loop

    Key Features

    • Dual 50 MHz PLL
    • 2 fully configurable lock-in amplifiers
    • 2 high-frequency, high-performance signal generators
    • 50 kHz PLL bandwidth with full parameter control
    • 4 fully configurable PID controllers
    • PLL harmonic mode
    • Frequency deviation and dissipation output (jitter-free)
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