HF2 Frequency Response Analyzer

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Obsolete Feature Description

The HF2 Frequency Response Analyzer is a standard feature of all HF2 instruments, fully integrated inside the ziControl graphical user interface. It is a very powerful tool that can do both, AC and DC sweeps.

Key Features

  • Full-featured frequency response analyzer (FRA) tool
  • Full HF2 Instrument range supported with many useful modes e.g. run/stop, single, forward, backward
  • Auto bandwidth, averaging and display normalization
  • Fundamental and harmonic sweep support
  • Parametric Frequency Response Analyzer: Frequency, Phase, Time constant, Output amplitude, Offset (Aux Out)
  • Flexible unit display options

The frequency response analyzer is a high precision measurement tool that is unique for this type of instrument. For instance, the frequency step is configurable to very small values. This mostly allows to perform advanced measurements, without the need for expensive spectrum analyzers which are usually rare in laboratories or may subsequently be in use at the same time by other experiments. The built-in Frequency Response Analyzer features all of the common controls such as run/single, precision and filter settings, and many features that simplify the daily life of the user.


  • Rapid characterization of a DUT's magnitude and phase response
  • Easy click-and-sweep zoom-in of resonance frequencies
  • Versatile display and save functions for transfer function analysis


Number of points   2 to 1'000'000
Frequency sweep range   1 Hz to 100 MHz
Phase sweep range -180° to +180°
Time constant sweep range 1 µs to 500 s
Amplitude sweep range -1 V to +1 V
Offset sweep range -10 V to +10 V


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