Y. Gao, A. Goodman, P.-C. Shen, J. Kong, and W. Tisdale
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

"Phase-modulated degenerate parametric amplification microscopy"

arXiv:1806.03493, June 9, 2018
Related Products: 
R. Xu, S. Ye, K. Xu, L. Lei, S. Hussain, Z. Zheng, F. Pang, S. Xing, X. Liu, W. Ji, and Z. Cheng
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China, Renmin University of China, China and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

"Nanoscale charge transfer and diffusion at the MoS2/SiO2 interface by atomic force microscopy: contact injection versus triboelectrification"

Nanotechnology, Vol. 29, (2018)
Related Products: 
S. Meier, T. Tsankov, D. Luggenhölscher, and U. Czarnetzki
Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

"Measurement of plasma densities by dual frequency multichannel boxcar THz time domain spectroscopy"

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol. 50, (2017)
B. West
Arizona State University, USA

"Correlative X-ray microscopy studies of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 solar cells"

PhD Thesis (2018)
Related Products: 
N. Schön, D. Cihan Gunduz, S. Yu, H. Tempel, R. Schierholz, and F. Hausen
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, RWTH Aachen University, Germany and Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance, Germany

"Correlative electrochemical strain and scanning electron microscopy for local characterization of the solid state electrolyte Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3"

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, Vol. 9, (2018)
Related Products: 
K. Chawla, S. Bürgel, G. Schmidt, H.-M. Kaltenbach, F. Rudolf, O. Frey, and A. Hierlemann
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

"Integrating impedance-based growth-rate monitoring into a microfluidic cell culture platform for live-cell microscopy"

Microsystems & Nanoengineeringm Vol. 4, Issue 8, (2018)
Related Products: 
A. Piarristeguya, R.Le Parcb, M. Ramondac, R. Escaliera, I. Grillod, G. Cuellod, V. Cristigliod, and A. Pradel
CNRS-Université de Montpellier, France and Institut Laue Langevin, France

"Local vibrational and mechanical characterization of Ag conducting chalcogenide glasses"

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 762, (2018)
Coherent Raman microscopy
Related Products: 
H. Wirtz, S. Schäfer, C. Hoberg, K. Reid, D. Leitner, and M. Havenith
Ruhr University Bochum, Germany and University of Nevada, USA

"Hydrophobic collapse of ubiquitin generates rapid protein–water motions"

Biochemistry, Vol 57, Issue 26, (2018)
Related Products: 
R. Zhang, M. Wei, S. Chen, G. Li, F. Zhang, N. Yang, and L. Huang
Jiangsu University, China

"A cell viability assessment method based on area-normalized impedance spectrum (ANIS)"

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 110, (2018)
Related Products: 
A. Sarrafan, B. Bahreyni, and F. Golnaraghi
Simon Fraser University, Canada

"Analytical modeling and experimental verification of nonlinear mode coupling in a decoupled tuning fork microresonator"

Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 27, Issue 3, (2018)
Related Products: 
H. Babahosseini, V. Srinivasaraghavan, Z. Zhao, F. Gillam, E. Childress, J. Strobl, W. Santos, C. Zhang, and M. Agah
Virginia Tech, USA

"The impact of sphingosine kinase inhibitor-loaded nanoparticles on bioelectrical and biomechanical properties of cancer cells"

Lab Chip, Vol. 16, Issue 1, (2015)
Related Products: 
R. Reale, A. De Ninno, L. Businaro, Paolo Bisegna, and F. Caselli
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy and Italian National Research Council, Italy

"Electrical measurement of cross‑sectional position of particles flowing through a microchannel"

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Vol. 22, Issue 41, (2018)
W. Quan, Q. Wang, and Y. Zhai
Beihang University, China

"A dual closed-loop drive and control system of photoelastic modulator for atomic magnetometer"

Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 29, Issue 6, (2018)
Related Products: 
R. Li, W. Quan, and J. Fang
Beihang University, China

"Polarization measurement of Cs using the pump laser beam"

IEEE Photonics Journal, Vol. 9, Issue 6, (2017)
Related Products: 
P. Fimpel, C. Riek, L. Ebner, A. Leitenstorfer, D. Brida, and A. Zumbusch
University of Konstanz, Germany

"Boxcar detection for high-frequency modulation in stimulated Raman scattering microscopy"

Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 112, Issue 16, (2018)
M. Tamer, M. van der Lans, H. Sadeghian

"Image-based overlay measurement using subsurface ultrasonic resonance force microscopy"

Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XXXII, online ahead of print March 13, 2018
Related Products: 
M. van Es, A. Mohtashami, D. Piras, H. Sadeghian

"Image-based overlay and alignment metrology through optically opaque media with sub-surface probe microscopy"

Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XXXII, online ahead of print March 13, 2018
Related Products: 
G. Wu, L. Liao, S. Xiong, G. Li, Z. Cai, Z. Zhu
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center, NASG, Beijing, China and Soochow University, Suzhou, China

"Synthetic wavelength interferometry of an optical frequency comb for absolute distance measurement"

Scientific Reports, online ahead of print, March 12, 2018
Related Products: 
R. Reale, A. De Ninno, L. Businaro, P. Bisegna, F. Caselli
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy and Italian National Research Council, Rome, Italy

"Electrical measurement of cross-sectional position of particles flowing through a microchannel"

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Vol. 22 (2018)
J. Panwar, R. Roy
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

"Fusible alloy 'in-contact' microelectrodes: a rapid and economic microfabrication alternative for microfluidic impedance cytometry"

BioRxiv, online ahead of print March 7, 2018
Related Products: 


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