UHF Boxcar

Zurich Instruments UHF-BOX 600 MHz Boxcar Averager, Boxcar, integrator

The UHF Boxcar is a bundle containing the UHFLI 600 MHz lock-in amplifier and the UHF-BOX Boxcar upgrade option.

The UHF-BOX Boxcar Averager is the first fully digital boxcar averager in history opening new perspectives and innovative ways of analyzing non-sinusodial signals with low duty cycles. It operates as a high speed digitizer synchronized to an oscillator and therefore allows to capture every sample without any dead times while rejecting all non-periodic signal components. The LabOne® toolset comprises a Periodic Waveform Analyzer (PWA) that visualizes the averaged signal over a single or multiple periods and allows to conveniently set the averaging windows for the signal and the baseline suppression.

Please refer to the main UHFLI product page for more detailed information.

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