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Key Features

  • Dual 600 MHz arbitrary waveform generator
  • 14-bit resolution, 2 markers per channel, 1.8 GSa/s
  • 128 MSa waveform memory per channel
  • Amplitude modulation with internal and external phase reference
  • Two 600 MHz signal inputs with oscilloscope and optional detection schemes
  • Cross-trigger engine for low-latency triggering and sequence branching


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The Zurich Instruments UHFAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator integrates signal generation and detection into a single instrument, providing a comprehensive system for pulsed protocol measurement. Its state-of-the-art AWG programming concept facilitates the implementation of customized signals on the two 600 MHz output channels. The UHFAWG also offers a broad range of detection schemes including multiple high-speed demodulatorspulse countersboxcar, and a digitizer. The AWG signal composition and modulation features ensure phase-coherent operation for demanding measurement environments. Sequence branching based on internal measurement results enables feed-forward protocols at unparalleled speeds.


    Digitizer Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF-DIG Digitizer

    Key Features

    • 2 signal inputs, 12-bit, 1.8 GSa/s
    • 128 MSa memory per channel
    • Dual-trace oscilloscope with FFT
    • Segmented memory for up to 32'768 scope shots
    • Fast, continuous data streaming
    • Hardware trigger engine with additional trigger inputs and outputs
    • Additional channels: boxcar, demodulators, Arithmetic Unit, and PID data
    • Full LabOne® integration on user interface and at API level


    Multi-Frequency Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF-MF Multi-frequency

    Key Features

    • 6 additional oscillators
    • Free oscillator selection for all demodulators (and boxcar)
    • Arbitrary choice of frequency for all 8 demodulators
    • Output adder for combination of up to 8 sinusoidal signals


    Boxcar Averager Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF-BOX Boxcar Averager

    Key Features

    • 600 MHz repetition rate
    • 2 boxcar units
    • 2 periodic waveform analyzers
    • Baseline suppression
    • Zero acquisition dead time
    • Harmonic analyzer with 512 lines
    • Graphical setting of boxcar and baseline windows


    Rubidium Atomic Clock Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF-RUB Rubidium Atomic Clock

    Key Features

    • High frequency accuracy by atomic reference
    • Extreme temperature stability
    • Excellent aging performance
    • Minimal phase noise
    • Long-term result reproducibility


    Pulse Counter Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF-CNT Pulse Counter

    Key Features

    • 225 MHz maximum count rate
    • 4 counter modules
    • 4 signal inputs with adjustable discriminator level
    • 5 modes: manual, triggered, free, gated, and pulse tagging
    • Background subtraction with 2 counter modules
    • Count integration


    Lock-in Amplifier Option

    Zurich Instruments UHF LIA Lock-in Amplifier

    Key Features

    • 600 MHz operation frequency
    • 2 independent lock-in units
    • 2 high-performance signal generators
    • 4 independent harmonics per lock-in unit
    • Field-upgradeable option
    • Compatible with other options
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