Zurich Instruments Rockets at Sola 2011

In good shape and fast

Zurich Instruments participated in the Sola race over the past weekend achieving its best result ever. The Sola relay race is a major running event in the greater Zurich area; it covers a total distance of 120 kilometers divided into 14 different sections. Zurich Instruments demonstrated that innovative product creation does not exclude excellent physical performance, finishing well within 20% of the fastest teams.

The historical performance of Zurich Instruments at the Sola race:
2011 Zurich Instruments Rockets 9:23:46 114th out of 766 teams
2010 Zurich Instruments Runners 9:25:55 148th out of 723 teams
2009 Zurich Instruments Runners 9:39:35 217th out of 732 teams

Go Zurich Instruments: Our Performance. Measured.

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