Zurich Instruments Launches HF2 Ultra-high Stability Option

The HF2 Series moves ahead to satisfy highest accuracy requirements

Many scientists are not able to rely on stable temperatures conditions at the location of their measurement setup. Often temperatures range from 20 degrees in winter, to 30 degrees in summer. Other scientists are concerned about instrument aging and would like to achieve long recalibration intervals. These users can now consider the HF2 Ultra-high Stability (HF2-UHS) option available for both the HF2 Lock-in Amplifier and the HF2 Impedance Spectroscope.

Zurich Instruments launches today the HF2-UHS option providing an ovenized temperature-stabilized quartz oscillator, with extreme temperature stability of ±0.03 ppm in the range of 23°±5°, minimal phase noise characteristics, reliable short term stability and outstanding aging performance. Compared to a standard oscillator, the relevant specification parameters are better by one order of magnitude.

All precision critical applications like Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), semiconductor characterization, micromechanical system (MEMS) analysis or carbon nanotubes, profit from the HF2-UHS option. Zurich Instruments is the only lock-in instrument vendor that provides a temperature stabilized reference oscillator, this provides further proof of our commitment to excellence for our customers. For more information, please visit our products page.

Zurich Instruments is a technology leader for dynamic signal analysis with the mission to provide state-of-the-art instrumentation to advanced research laboratories in academia and development sites in industry. Zurich Instruments is established in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a rapidly growing world-wide customer base.

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