Zurich Instruments Launches HF2 Product Line

Zurich Instruments launches a new impedance spectroscope and a new lock-in amplifier

Zurich Instruments presents the new HF2 series, a new line of high-frequency products characterized by two pairs of input/output channels, 210 MSample/s and 50 MHz analog bandwidth. The HF2 series consists of the HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope and the HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier supported by a number of hardware and software options. Based on the same platform, these two instruments break new ground in terms of performance, real-time capability, usability and value. Sadik Hafizovic, CEO of Zurich Instruments, commented: "We are proud to launch these products as they are able to fulfill customers needs that competition cannot do".

The HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope is targeted at the spectroscopy market which demands for frequencies above 2 MHz and the capability to measure more than 1 frequency at the same time. The HF2IS provides extra value to customers by embedding 2 independent impedance spectroscopes into the same box and by delivering premium precision measurements.

The HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier is targeted at the lock-in amplifier market which demands for digital lock-in amplifiers with increased frequency range and multiple channels. The HF2LI is the only lock-in amplifier available that integrates two independent lock-in amplifiers in one box. Thereby the HF2LI replaces two lock-in amplifiers in many use cases.

Zurich Instruments is a technology spinoff from ETH Zurich with the mission to provide instrumentation devices for analysis required in biology, semiconductors, physics, and food quality. Zurich Instruments was incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland, in April 2008.

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