Zurich Instruments at ISTFA 2015

Bringing new ideas to the semiconductor failure analysis community

Earlier this month we attended ISTFA for the second time and we noticed an increased interest in our high frequency lock-in amplifier and boxcar averager technology, both from customers presenting their results on posters and people with clear ideas about how to utilize the UHFLI to improve the resolution and measurement speed of their particular analysis technique.

Besides the established laser voltage probing (LVP) technique, where Zurich Instruments’ technology can enhance current methods with accurate phase measurements, we also saw a distinct demand for scanning probe methods where high-end lock-in amplifiers can make a difference.

For those in the failure analysis community operating at the bleeding edge of shrinking semiconductor feature size, we believe that Zurich Instruments can provide the means to getting an enhanced analysis boost, enabling customers to harness the next generation of semiconductor engineering.

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