Zurich Instruments Installs First HF2 Series Devices

Zurich Instruments progresses with the deployment of the new product line

After launching its new product line in April 2009, Zurich Instruments announces that it has started installing HF2 devices in customer laboratories. This important milestone has been achieved in the beginning of May 2009. The first device shipped is a HF2 Series Impedance Spectroscope (HF2IS) with 50 MHz bandwidth that enables researchers to simultaneously measure 8 frequencies.

A typical application is electrical impedance spectroscopy in microfluidic systems where electrical impedances of single biological cells are measured. E.g., in advanced med-tech hematology systems impedance spectroscopy increasingly constitutes a key technology. It is a key component that enables improved and economic blood counts.

With the HF2IS customers achieve a reduction in complexity of laboratory setups and an increased reliability because the number of measurement devices and interfaces is significantly reduced. Furthermore, customers benefit from detailed microfluidic application know-how of Zurich Instruments' technicians and premium customer support.

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