Zurich Instruments Exhibits at MicroTAS 2009

The exhibition at the MicroTAS in Korea addresses micro and nano technologies

Zurich Instruments participates to the MicroTAS conference on miniaturized systems for chemistry and life sciences (µTAS 2009) as an exhibitor. The event will be held at the International Convention Center in Jeju Island, South Korea from November 1 to 5, 2009.

Zurich Instruments is going to present its HF2 Series product line, and in particular the HF2 Impedance Spectroscope (HF2IS). The HF2IS can capture very short, non-repetitive events of durations shorter than 1 ms. Such events are, e.g., created by single cells that pass by electrodes in a microfluidic channel. With the embedded user-programmable processor, the HF2IS can react with small latency of less than 10 us to the measured signal and execute a precise control responses.

The new HF2IS removes several limitations of current instrumentation for microfludics. It introduces multi-frequency measurements on up to 8 frequencies, an extended frequency range of 0.7 µHz to 50 MHz and real-time decision making in one box. The 128-bit signal processing insures an unprecedented signal measurement accuracy. With these features, the Zurich Instruments HF2 Impedance Spectroscope sets the mark for performance and functionality. Visitors at the MicroTAS 2009 are welcome to attend demonstrations at the Zurich Instruments booth.

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