Zurich Instruments Awarded with De Vigier Price

Zurich Instruments Receives Prestigious Award

On June 18, 2009, the W.A. De Vigier Foundation awarded one out of five awards to Zurich Instruments. Active for 22 years, the De Vigier Foundation plays an important role supporting start-up companies in Switzerland. Headed by leaders of Swiss economy, such as Moritz Sutter, the foundation has an outstanding record for awarding prospective successful companies. This year the Foundation selected five winners among the 70 applicants.

For Zurich Instruments the award represents an additional proof that the team around Sadik Hafizovic is on track to establish itself in the test & measurement market. "We put the right company infrastructure in place, and the jury members like that," commented Sadik Hafizovic. The CTO of the company who made the award winning presentation, Flavio Heer, explains: "It is always a challenge to explain the purpose of a lock-in amplifier to a non-technical audience. During my pitch I demonstrated that our HF2 device is able to recover a subtle acoustic tone that completely escapes the human perception when overshadowed by roaring rock music."

The HF2LI lock-in amplifier and the HF2IS impedance spectroscope innovate in the field of laboratory measurements. They are the first devices in the HF2 series, a series of test & measurement devices sharing the same digital core technology. A coherent concept combines the typical functionality that customers require into one device: a measurement unit, a real-time computer, and a signal generator. Customers benefit from reducing the number of devices in their setups, reduced complexity, and fewer interfaces and manuals to cope with.

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