Technik für Spitzenforscher

Technology for Top Research

The Swiss economic weekly journal Handelszeitung for October 16th 2014 features Zurich Instruments in the Startup portraits section. As there is no clear definition for how long a company can be labelled as a startup, Zurich Instruments now considers itself as an established player in the test & measurement market but with the mindset of a fast growing, entrepreneurial company.

We are of course pleased to be mentioned every once in a while in such an influential European magazine. In the article Sadik Hafizovic, CEO of Zurich Instruments, reiterates the importance of our proximity to the world renowned ETH Zurich, Switzerland's leading technological university, in terms of technological inspiration, knowledge transfer and the talent market. Also in the article, amongst historical anecdotes and a strategic orientation, the management team is shown in front of a rack of instruments ready to be shipped to our customers worldwide.

We think that Sadik's quote about our ambitions will be remembered for some time: "I am waiting for the day a customer is awarded the Nobel price thanks to the use of one our instruments". At least the target is crisp & clear.

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