New UHF Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Fast and intuitive waveform programming with sequence branching based on mutiple detection schemes for Quantum Computing, NMR Spectroscopy and Mixed-Signal Device Testing Customers

Zurich Instruments announced today the launch of a new ultra-high frequency arbitrary waveform generator (UHF-AWG) for its proven UHF 600 MHz lock-in amplifier platform. The UHF-AWG integrates signal generation and detection in a single instrument.

“We see the new AWG as a tool ideal for the demanding pulsed measurement protocols required by researchers in a range of labs, from those developing an operational quantum computer to those carrying out NMR spectroscopy experiments and engineers doing mixed signal device testing,” said Dr. Jan Benhelm, Head of Marketing, Zurich Instruments.

The UHF-AWG is a dual channel 600 MHz arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with 128 MSa waveform memory per channel, 1.8 GSa/s temporal and 14-bit vertical resolution. Integrated detection options include a pulse counter, multiple demodulators, an oscilloscope and a boxcar averager. The integration of signal generation and detection in a single instrument helps to minimize feedback times and reduces the complexity of the experimental setup. The AWG is fully integrated into the LabOne instrument control software that provides a powerful scripting language with high-level AWG commands. Pulse sequences and waveforms can be easily defined and adjusted.

Developed in close collaboration with advanced quantum physics researchers in Europe, it features standard waveform playback and amplitude modulation. In amplitude modulation mode, each AWG channel shapes one of up to 8 internally generated sine wave signals. This optimizes the generation of phase-coherent pulse patterns using the sequencer and generic pulse envelopes, and does not require uploading the entire waveform. As a result, waiting times for transfer of long phase-coherent patterns are significantly reduced.

The UHF-AWG, like all UHF instruments developed by Zurich Instruments, has easy upgrade paths to increase functionality after purchase. “The AWG is the latest instrument for the UHF lock-in amplifier platform. Since its introduction in 2012 that platform, along with subsequent additions such as the boxcar and digitizer, has been used in a wide range of applications in leading universities, industrial laboratories and other organizations. That means we have gained a deep understanding of the needs of advanced research communities around the world. We continuously assimilate that know-how with new releases, new add-ons and upgrades,” said Dr. Sadik Hafizovic, CEO, Zurich Instruments.

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