The Fastest Lock-in Amplifier Ever - UHFLI

600 MHz Lock-in Demodulation Mastered

Zurich Instruments, the technology leader for lock-in amplifiers, today unveils the fastest commercial lock-in amplifier of all time. The UHFLI (Ultra-High Frequency Lock-in Amplifier) performs measurements as high as 600 MHz, which is three times faster than the capabilities of the closest competitor.

The UHFLI demodulates signals of up to 600 MHz using fully digital signal processing, while providing 100 dB dynamic reserve over the entire frequency range. The instrument is furthermore equipped with an integrated tool-set for time and frequency domain signal analysis: an oscilloscope, a frequency response analyzer and an FFT spectrum analyzer. For these reasons the UHFLI also simplifies many laboratory setups with its all-in-one-box concept.

Scientists have previously had to design, build and test their own measurement instruments to achieve the frequencies supported by the UHFLI. Physicists, chemists and biologists will now be able to spend more time advancing their research, rather than developing custom circuits. They will benefit from the speed and powerful features of the UHFLI and will thus be able to perform very demanding measurements.

With the introduction of the UHFLI, Zurich Instruments is broadening its support of high-end research in the fields of quantum and nanophysics, sensors and actuators, laser spectroscopy, and bio-engineering. Scientists will be able to obtain measurement results more quickly, more reliably and more accurately than before and will therefore be able to publish their results more frequently. Working with the UHFLI allows them to benefit from the detailed application know-how of the manufacturer, and also to receive support from a highly customer-oriented company.

According to Dr. Flavio Heer, CTO of Zurich Instruments: "The 600 MHz digital UHFLI lock-in amplifier is a major technological innovation in comparison to established instruments. We have designed our new instrument using the most modern, state-of-the-art semiconductor devices, the analog to digital conversion is carried out at the earliest possible stage, and all subsequent signal processing is digital, free of unwanted drifts, offsets and non-linearities. The UHFLI sets a very high standard for accuracy and performance."

The UHFLI lock-in amplifier will be on display at the APS (American Physical Society) conference in Boston from February 27-29, 2012, and at the DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) conference in Berlin March 27-29, 2012. More information about the product can be found at

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