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Zurich Instruments announces four new job openings

Thanks to our ongoing success and growth, Zurich Instruments is looking to add to our team. Today we are releasing 4 new and challenging job openings.

As the leading manufacturer of high performance lock-in amplifiers, phase locked loops and impedance spectroscopes, we serve the top scientific and development laboratories worldwide. To strengthen our sales, marketing and R&D teams we are now looking for:

Application Scientist Germany / Worldwide
Technical Sales Manager

The goal of Zurich Instruments is to offer a dynamic and motivating environment for people who want to grow with the company. We provide a technology and innovation driven environment which is strongly people-oriented. Based in central Zurich, we offer a wide range of possibilities for personal growth and success.

Our standards are high but we achieve the most by having the best people on board.

If you believe you would be a real asset to our team, please visit our career page and find out how to apply.

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