Direct Detection of Zero Point Energy

Researchers at University of Konstanz report non-amplified method

"Nothing found" is not usually what researchers want to report but, in a new publication from Alfred Leitenstorfer's group at the University of Konstanz, that is indeed the key finding. In a new paper in Science, they report a method for detection of electric-field vacuum fluctuations - zero point energy - that doesn't require amplification, instead relying on the measurement of polarization changes in single figure femtosecond laser pulses.

The abstract of the full publication can be found here, whilst for a more general description of the work we'd recommend this.

We're pleased to note that Claudius Riek, co-author of the report, used the Zurich Instruments UHFLI in this study. Congratulations to all group members and we hope that the support received from the Applications Team here at Zurich Instruments was helpful in bringing the work to fruition.

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