Digital Lab Instrumentation for South Korea

Zurich Instruments expands its distribution network in Asia

Zurich Instruments is pleased to announce the start of a distribution partnership in South Korea with Nubicom, a leading distributor for Test & Measurement (T&M) and network equipment. Founded in 2003, Nubicom offers high quality equipment to customers in Asia in countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and China, as well as in the US. Nubicom brings to the table a proven track record of distributing, renting, repairing and calibrating high-end T&M instrumentation. The collaboration is currently limited to the market of South Korea.

Within its T&M business line, Nubicom provides specialized instrumentation and systems for R&D, production testing and process monitoring. Its current product portfolio includes Aeroflex, Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, Tektronix and Advantest. Through this new partnership, Nubicom will boost its T&M offerings with the leading lock-in amplifiers, arbitrary waveform generators, impedance analyzers and other dynamic signal instrumentation from Zurich Instruments. In return, Zurich Instruments will benefit from Nubicom’s existing network and sales channel to better penetrate and develop the South Korean market. Zurich Instruments and Nubicom are committed to work closely together to best serve the existing and new T&M customers in South Korea.

Zurich Instruments makes lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked loops, arbitrary waveform generators and impedance analyzers that have revolutionized instrumentation in the medium-frequency (MF) to ultra-high frequency (UHF) ranges by combining frequency-domain tools and time-domain tools within each product. This reduces the complexity of laboratory setups, removes sources of problems and provides new measurement approaches that support the progress of research.

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