Company values

Zurich Instruments is a young and fast-growing company with the long-standing vision to revolutionize measurement instrumentation. It is our passion to grow the company such that it provides exciting career opportunities for our current and future team members. Our values are the base of our daily work, the glue that ties us together and what reminds us of what we are as we grow. The values originate from the founding days of the company and carry original DNA - they were extracted and put into writing in a company-wide project. No matter whether you join Zurich Instruments as customer, supplier or an employee to-be, this is what we stand for. 

Lead the Change

Zurich Instruments leads with strong, unique products - strictly no me-too's or copy cats. At Zurich Instruments everybody has the freedom to take responsibility and leadership - be it for the product, the organization or the way of working.

Be the Reference

As a team, we aim for ambitious goals, exploring and pushing out against our existing limits. We are accountable, reliable and inspiring people to work with. With everything that we do, we aim to be a reference for others.

Develop and Grow Together

Our open and collaborative spirit reaches out beyond the company. Learning together, helping one another and respectfully challenging each other makes us create the most innovative and exciting products on the market - solutions that we can be proud of.


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