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Since 2018 Zurich Instruments collaborates in the OpenSuperQ Project, which is part of the Quantum Flagship - one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives of the European Union. OpenSuperQ aims at designing, building and operating a quantum information processing system of up to 100 qubits and to sustainably make it available at a central site for external users. In the project we are responsible for the full stack of room-temperature electronics as well as control and measurement software of the multi-qubit system. We design and manufacture hardware and software components for real-time quantum processor control and readout with low-latency feedback and an increased scalability. We collaborate closely with our partners among which are Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch at Saarland University, Prof. Andreas Wallraff at ETH Zurich, Prof. David DiVincenzo at Forschungszentrum Jülich and Dr. Jonas Bylander at Chalmers University of Technology.

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Oxford Instruments

With Oxford Instruments we cooperate on technical level to demonstrate how the user experience can be boosted by combining equipment from both companies, resulting in reduced time between installation and first scientific measurement.

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Micronit Microfluidics

We enjoy the intensive application exchange with Micronit in the field of microfluidics. The Dutch company is our microfluidic chip maker of choice and together we promote the electrical impedance spectroscopy platform (EISP).

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We recommend Fluigent pumps for Fluigent pumps for microfluidic applications and together we have embraced the challenge to divulge the electrical impedance spectroscopy to a world-wide audience.

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