At Zurich Instruments we set a reference in the high-end instrumentation market with each of our products. Our high ambitions and placement in the market bear potential for dream jobs: be at the cutting edge of technology, marketing or operations. Zurich Instruments is growing steadily and offers ample career opportunities to grow with.

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The fast pace of our development and diversity of our applications makes Zurich Instruments an exciting place to work.

Daniel, Software Engineer; responsible for software testing and internal and customer programming interface support.

What I value most are the colleagues from all over the world and the open-minded and friendly atmosphere that this brings along.

Antoinette, Administrator Human Resources; Part-time working at Zurich Instruments.

I really appreciate the freedom and flexibility that I get at Zurich Instruments, which allows me to work really efficiently and continually improve how we manufacture our products.

Gregor, Supply Chain Manager; responsible for managing the entire supply chain from components to the delivery of the instruments.

My job is both challenging and fun as I get to explore different market opportunities. I value the dynamic spirit of the company where personal and company growth are equally important.

Jelena, Application Scientist; responsible for creating business opportunities by understanding customer’s measurement challenges.

Together with highly motivated and capable people, I am pioneering high-tech test & measurement solutions. In many ways this is my dream come true - to work at and contribute to the forefront of technology!

Patrick, Teamleader Hardware; responsible for calibration, testing and analog electronic designs.

Zurich Instruments as employer

Are you a curious, ambitious and quality-oriented person who likes to push the limits? Are you considering to join our team and would like to know more about us? Below we summarize what you can expect from Zurich Instruments as employer.

Our Team

You will work in a team of bright, creative and inspiring people. We all love technology and work together with a positive and innovation-driven spirit. You will encounter a work environment with a lot of freedom to act and space for creativity.


We benefit from having highly skilled colleagues from many cultures and more than a dozen different countries working as one team. A fact we are proud of. We all have equal chances to develop and grow in our company, independent of origin, age or gender.


Our compensation ensures fairness, competitiveness and takes into consideration both individual and company performance. The variable component of a Zurich Instruments salary is determined by a shared company-wide target for everybody, because we work and act as one team. The total value proposition includes an attractive work location, advanced social benefits, and most importantly exciting and challenging work in an international environment.

People Development

Our team members grow in their roles and are encouraged to gradually take more responsibility. Knowledge sharing and continuous learning from each other across different functions is essential. We foster a culture of open and constructive feedback, which we believe is the base of great engagement. We serve a variety of scientific and industrial applications which offer great opportunities to broaden your horizons.

Health & Work-life Balance

We believe that consistently good work performance requires a healthy work-life balance. This starts with a good working climate where we tackle daily challenges with persistence and a sense of humor. We support flexible working hours and part-time employment for most positions. Home office is possible for individual positions. We organize common activities such as running over lunch time, cycling and skiing on weekends.


We encourage everybody to take leadership and to achieve the best for our customers and for our company beyond functional and organizational boundaries. The way we lead is driven by our company values and not by the boxes of an organization chart.

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