Microfluidics / Single-cell Detection & Sorting

Applications: Bio-systems engineering for single-cell microfluidics, droplet microfluidics, tissue analysis, cell counting, cell sorting, cell impedance variations, AC dielectrophoresis (DEP), and bio-impedance measurements.

Trends in bio-systems engineering for cells and sub-cellular components (nucleus, RNA, DNA) have created a demand for electrical impedance spectroscopy with increased sensitivity, in an ever increasing spectrum of frequencies. From a few MHz in the past, the applications are extending into the HF band. Furthermore, scientists are measuring at several frequencies simultaneously, in order to increase the biological significance of the experiment. The HF2IS is unique in featuring multi-frequency operation and outperforms all alternative solutions.

Objectives: perform electrical impedance spectroscopy on a wide range of biological samples, cell populations or tissues
Benefits: integrated measurement solution for electrical impedance spectroscopy with multi-frequency support for enhanced cell recognition and real-time data processing for applications needing short decision loops (example AC dielectrophoresis)
Relevant products: HF2IS, HF2IS-MF, HF2IS-RT, HF2CA

HF2IS Impedance Spectroscopy In Flow-through Microfluidic System

Key Features of the HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope for this Application

  • 1 µHz to 50 MHz frequency range
  • 2 independent measurement units
  • 8 simultaneous frequencies
  • differential and absolute measurements
  • 1 MResults/s (demodulated samples) for each frequency
  • Real-time programmability
  • Integrated frequency response sweeper and oscilloscope
  • Application specific current pre-amplifier (HF2CA)

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