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Opto-Electrical Experiments at 3K with Sample Protection

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  • low-temperature sample characterization
  • mesoscopic systems
  • superconductivity
  • superfluidity
  • optical interaction with solid state
  • quantum optics
  • quantum dots
  • transport measurements in general.
Oxford Instruments OptistatDry with a Zurich Instruments MFLI Lock-in Amplifier

Oxford Instruments and Zurich Instruments have introduced the SampleProtect measurement system which enables fast sample characterization at low-temperature and at the same time sensibly reduces the risk to damage your samples with electrical discharge. The new system is beneficial for efficiency as the user gets a cryogenic system together with a proven measurement platform and, in addition, reduces the time to cool down samples.

Leading scientists and opinion makers have appreciated the straightforward installation, the protected sample loading, the cool down time and the efficiency in using the sample characterization software. Following these opinion makers, you can now purchase this system from one single supplier hence reducing your administrative overhead. Moreover with the acquisition of this product package consisting of premium laboratory equipment, you will get the benefits of an exceptional ease to produce your first experimental results.

First measurements at 3K in less than 1 day

This combination of products proven in the field gives users the confidence to start their experiments straight away, focusing on the science rather than on setting up the equipment. The OptistatDry cools down within 3 hours whilst the MFLI provides a best-in-class characterization platform for static and dynamic electrical signals. The users profit from the immediate access to multiple time and frequency domain measurement tools of the associated LabOne® software. For example it is a matter of a few mouse clicks to see your signal on the Scope or to perform a frequency sweep across many decades.

Protect your sensitive samples

Particular care for sensitive samples is provided by the unique electrostatic discharge (ESD) breakout box that is included in all systems. Researchers are often impacted by sample damage caused by unwanted electrical discharge even before the first measurements are made . The solution is clean electrical grounds and equipment that discharges potential before damaging the samples.

Ideal for opto-electrical measurements

The patented puck style mounting provides safe installation of your samples. Further the cryostat provides both access for electrical wiring and a window for optical signals. This makes the lock-in amplifier particularly well suited to drive and measure electrical signals as well as recover weak modulations from the optical response. Further key capability of the system is the characterization of samples at up to 4 frequencies simultaneously, current and voltage as well as DC and AC measurements simultaneously.

Product description

The SampleProtect measurement system consists of

Key benefits for this application

  • No need for programming thanks to included electrical sample characterization software
  • Obtain first measurement results sooner – work with software installed on one computer only
  • Samples protected from ESD hazards during the entire cycle
  • Profit from application notes written specifically for this measurement system
  • Order equipment from only one source and minimize the time to your delivery
  • Compact equipment reduces the space required in your laboratory

Advanced measurement options

  • Simultaneous voltage and current measurement
  • Measurement at up to 4 frequencies simultaneously
  • Carrier and sideband measurement for dual modulated experiments (intermodulation from optical and electrical signals)
  • Impedance characterization with 0.05% accuracy (requires MF-IA Impedance Analyzer option)
  • Frequency extension to 5 MHz (requires MF-F5M Frequency Extension option)
  • Current digitizer with 60 MSa/s and 16 bit resolution (requires MF-DIG Digitizer option)

Application Notes

Oxford Instruments, Zurich Instruments

Efficient electrical nanodevice characterisation with OptistatDry cryostat and MFLI lock-in Amplifier

Oxford Instruments, Zurich Instruments

Measuring resistance of a high temperature superconducting sample

SampleProtect can only be purchased as one package from Oxford Instruments.

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