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Zurich Instruments Announces Products for Quantum Computing Community

Zurich Instruments, a recognized technology leader in dynamic signal analysis instrumentation including lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked loops and boxcar averagers, announces today its commitment to serve the exacting requirements of the quantum computing community. Responding to the increased investments by the IT industry into quantum computing technology, Zurich Instruments will be providing state-of-the-art test & measurement instrumentation for quantum computing research.

The first demonstration of Zurich Instruments' commitment to quantum computing will be the combination of signal generation with lock-in amplification within the same instrument. Based on the successful UHFLI 600 MHz lock-in amplifier, the new product will also contain a signal generator (SG) specifically tailored to the requirements of quantum computing. "Today, most SGs are designed for telecommunication technologies. We believe that quantum computing research requires more than that, and therefore we are currently developing a product that addresses the identified shortcomings of available instruments", said Dr. Jan Benhelm, Head of Marketing at Zurich Instruments.

Having observed an increase in custom-built quantum computing instrumentation and the related budget investments in the past decade, Zurich Instruments is now ready to reverse this trend. The company takes this opportunity to bring its in-house quantum computing expertise to the research community. It is at the heart of ZI's product philosophy to secure continuity for groups that prefer commercial off-the-shelf instrumentation to custom implementations. "Researchers need to focus on the science instead of developing their own electronics, electronics that are regularly made obsolete with every new generation of PhD students", said Stephan Koch, VP Marketing and Sales at ZI.

This press release comes with the first public presentation of the new technology at the Quantum Information Processing & Communication (QIPC 2015) conference in Leeds, UK, from September 14 to 18, 2015. More information will be announced and made available in due time.