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LabOne. All in One.

LabOne is Instrument Control

LabOne® stands for platform-independent instrument control with proven measurement methodologies. The browser-based user interface comes with an outstanding toolset for time- and frequency-domain analysis as well as sophisticated support to set up control loops, perform noise measurements, and interpret measurement data. Interfaces to the most popular programming languages are also available.

Take a look at the LabOne Highlights and read about the reasons that led Zurich Instruments to develop LabOne on the Why LabOne? page.

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Powerful User Interface

LabOne Screens

LabOne enables instrument control, data capture, data analysis, and data storage. A fully functional block diagram is a unique functionality that makes the interface even more intuitive, and customization is built in to meet your measurement needs.

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Integrated Toolset

LabOne Toolset

Choose within a range of time- and frequency-domain tools operating on fast samples (raw samples from the A/D converters) as well as on slower samples (after demodulation).

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Platform Independence

Platform independence

The choice of a platform to operate, control, and monitor the instrument is yours. Thanks to a browser-based intuitive user interface, remote measurements become a reality for research laboratories.

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Choice of APIs

Choice of APIs

LabOne supports the most popular programming languages. Legacy code can run concurrently with new software written in another language, and your instrument's settings remain consistent as they are centrally managed by the server.

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LabOne Overview

LabOne Quick Start Guide


Go to the Compatibility page to check which operating systems and versions of programming languages are currently supported.

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