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M. W. Mara, D. S. Tatum, A. March, G. Doumy, E.G. Moore, and K.N. Raymond

Energy Transfer from Antenna Ligand to Europium(III) Followed Using Ultrafast Optical and X-ray Spectroscopy

Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol 141, June 2019

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E. López-Fraguasa, B. Arredondo, C. Vega-Colado, G. del Pozo, M. Najafi, D. Martín-Martín... and B. Romero

Visible Light Communication system using an organic emitter and a perovskite photodetector

Organic Electronics, Vol 73, October 2019

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F. Dake, S.Hayashi

High-resolution nonlinear fluorescence microscopy using repetitive stimulated transition based on the saturation of stimulated emission implemented with two-color continuous-wave lasers

Optics Letters, Vol. 44, Iss. 13, June 2019

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A.P. Garcia, Z. Heidari

A New Multiphysics Method for Simultaneous Assessment of Hydrocarbon Saturation, Directional Permeability, and Saturation-Dependent Capillary Pressure

Society of Petroleum Engineers, June 2019

P. Taheri-Tehrani, M. Defoort, and D. Horsley

Observation of the Effect of Fractional Synchronization on Amplitude and Frequency Stability in Micromechanical Oscillators

Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, May 2019

Bhattacharya, S. & Li, S.

A Fully Differential SOI-MEMS Thermal Piezoresistive Ring Oscillator in Liquid Environment Intended for Mass Sensing

IEEE Sensors Journal 19, 7261-7268 (2019)

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