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Andreana, M. et al.

Amplitude and polarization modulated hyperspectral Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy

Opt. Express 23, 28119–28131 (2015)

Klenner, A. et al.

Phase-stabilization of the carrier-envelope-offset frequency of a SESAM modelocked thin disk laser

Opt. Express 21, 24770-24780 (2013)

M. Zhang, Q. Chen, R. Xue, Y. Zhan, C. Wang, J. Lai, J. Yang, H. Lin, J. Yao, Y. Li, L. Chen and Y. Li

Reconfiguration of interfacial energy band structure for high-performance inverted structure perovskite solar cells

Nature Communications, Vol 10, October 2019

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N. Wang, R. Liu, N. Asmare, C. Chu a and A. Fatih Sarioglu

Processing code-multiplexed Coulter signals via deep convolutional neural networks

Lab on a Chip, Issue 19, October 2019

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