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The Next Generation of Quantum Computing Control Systems

Zurich Instruments launches the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer.

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Winners of the Student Travel Grants 2020

Zurich Instruments is happy to announce the recipients of this year's travel grants!

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Zurich Instruments joins the Chicago Quantum Exchange

A new partnership for Zurich Instruments has just been announced.

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The First European Quantum Computer in the Cloud

Zurich Instruments announces its contribution to the Quantum Inspire quantum computing platform.

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Zurich Instruments Student Travel Grants 2020

For the sixth year in a row, we are happy to announce the Zurich Instruments Student Travel Grants.

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Zurich Instruments Joins IBM Q Network

Zurich Instruments confirms its role in the development of quantum technologies.

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Zurich Instruments Expands Distribution Network in Japan

Zurich Instruments AG has started a partnership with Rockgate Corporation.

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First Commercial Quantum Computing Control System for Europe's Quantum Computer

Zurich Instruments launches the UHFQA Quantum Analyzer and the PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller.

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Building Quantum Processor Control Systems for Europe's Quantum Computer

Zurich Instruments announces the goal of building a 100-qubit quantum computer with its nine European partners.

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Instruments for High-End Research

The ETH Globe magazine features an article about Zurich Instruments.

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Quantum User Meeting in London

Join the leaders in the rapidly developing field of quantum technologies at Zurich Instruments' second user meeting!

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Scienta Omicron's new Matrix 4 SPM Controller Features AFM PLL Powered by Zurich Instruments

Zurich instruments' long-standing commitment to serving the AFM community is rewarded once more.

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Zurich Instruments and Scribner Associates Announce Partnership in Impedance Analysis

Zurich Instruments strengthens the MFIA with the addition of a ZView-compatible data output format.

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Zurich Instruments Announces Products for Quantum Computing Community

Read the press release from the QIPC 2015 conference.

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