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Chip Characterization

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  • Semiconductor chip testing and characterization
  • analog mixed-signal performance measurement
  • solar cell and LED (light emitting diode) characterization
  • measurement of PCM (process control monitor) at wafer level such as resistance, capacitance, resonances, and other electric parameters
  • semiconductor bonding optimization.


Perform high-throughput semiconductor device testing and characterization.


The HF2IS presents 2 signal generators, 2 measurement units, and several measurement tools for high-end accuracy requirements at low-cost, providing a cost-effective test & measurement solution.


chip characterization setup using the Zurich Instruments HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope

The latest demands on semiconductor characterization include the accurate measurements of the sample being tested, in a high-throughput manner. This is required to increase the number of data points, reduce drift effects and keep measurement periods small. For engineers that do not wish to implement test sequences on a production tester and who are searching for a handy, cost-effective test & measurement solution, the HF2IS offers fast and flexible signal generation, combined with accurate and immediate signal acquisition. The HF2IS offers the option to run software for signal generation and response analysis directly inside the instrument, thus excelling in throughput and efficiency over a wide frequency range from µHz to 50 MHz.

Key Features of the HF2IS Impedance Spectroscope for this Application

  • Flexible stimuli generation, immediate data acquisition, fast repetitions and parameter update, seamless frequency steps, ultra-low noise operation, ultra-high stability clock
  • 1 µHz to 50 MHz frequency range
  • 2 independent measurement units, 2 high-frequency generators
  • 8 simultaneous frequencies
  • 2 auxiliary inputs, 4 auxiliary outputs, 32 digital I/O (DIO)
  • Real-time programmability
  • Integrated frequency response analyzer, FFT spectrum analyzer, and oscilloscope

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