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Zurich Instruments Expands Distribution Network in Japan

Zurich Instruments AG is pleased to announce the start of a distribution partnership for its AWG and Quantum Analyzer products with Rockgate Corporation, a leading distributor for test & measurement and cryogenic systems. Rockgate Corporation was founded in 1999 and offers high quality equipment to customers in Japan.

The distributor provides specialized instrumentation and systems for R&D, and supports customers by designing and producing customized equipment and parts. Its current product portfolio includes dilution refrigerators from BlueFors, cryogenic equipment from attocube systems and Entropy. Through this new partnership, Rockgate Corporation will boost its test & measurement offerings with the leading Quantum Analyzers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators from Zurich Instruments. In return, Zurich Instruments will benefit from Rockgate Corporation's existing network and sales channel to better access and develop the Japan quantum computing market. Both companies are committed to work closely together to best serve existing and new quantum computing customers in Japan.


Rockgate Corporation
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