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Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

Zurich Instruments offers a comprehensive choice of instruments and options aimed at a wide range of advanced SPM modalities and applications.


Mode Description MFLI + MF-PID
(5 MHz, 1 channel, 330 ns)
(50 MHz, 2 channels, 1 us)
(600 MHz, 2 channels, 30 ns)
STM Scanning tunneling microscopy ✓ with HF2TA -
STS (IETS) Scanning tunneling spectroscopy (inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy) -
SNOM Scanning near-field optical microscopy
NC-AFM Non-contact atomic force microscopy:
MC-AFM Multi-channel AFM, in-plane and out-of-plane channels -
MHM Multi-harmonic mode -
MF-AFM Multi-frequency AFM ✓ with MF-MD option ✓ with HF2LI-MF option ✓ with UHF-MF option
DFRT Dual-frequency resonance tracking -
AM-KPFM Amplitude-modulated Kelvin probe force microscopy ✓ need 2 MFLIs
FM-KPFM Frequency-modulated Kelvin probe force microscopy ✓ with MF-MD option
Dissipation KPFM Convergence mode - -
HS-AFM High-speed AFM - -
Time-resolved AFM and STS Convergence mode with pulsed lasers - - ✓ with UHF-BOX option
Band excitation Wide-band probe excitation - - ✓ with UHF-AWG option
Dual-modulation Convergence mode with 2 excitations ✓ with MF-MD and MF-MOD options ✓ with MF and MOD options ✓ with UHF-MF and UHF-MOD options
Electrical pump-probe - - - ✓ with UHF-AWG option
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