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Choice of APIs

Software Architecture

The LabOne® software architecture is organized in multiple layers. All communications between users and instruments take place through the LabOne Data Server. This enables:

  • A multi-client configuration, where multiple interfaces (even from different computers on the network) can access the settings and data associated with an instrument. Settings are synchronized across all interfaces by the Data Server.
  • A multi-instrument setup, where any of the Data Server's clients can access multiple instruments simultaneously.
choice of APIs

Available APIs

Choice of APIs

LabOne supports Python, C, MATLAB®, LabVIEW and .NET, and its APIs are compatible across instruments.

Native structures

LabOne provides APIs that are based on native data structures for an efficient interface between the instrument and the programming environment. This produces transfer rates up to 100 times faster than traditional ASCII interfaces.

Core library

A library of elements called the LabOne Core Library allows customers to program their own user interfaces for quick integration of complex function groups (e.g., the Sweeper or Spectrum Analyzer tools). Minimal effort is required to switch from UI to API programming.

Bidirectional APIs

APIs allow users to store and reload data. Saved data can also be reloaded and analyzed offline with the same tools used for data acquisition.


Controlling the MFIA via Jupyter Notebook

Controlling the MFIA via Jupyter Notebook | Impedance Measurement
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