THz Spectroscopy

This technique probes the properties of a material with short pulses of terahertz radiation. The radiation of the sample is detected and modulated in the MHz frequency range. An optical system driven by one or more lasers is producing chopped THz pulses which can be measured and detected with the lock-in amplifier.

Objectives: performing synchronous detection of the reflected radiation by gaining amplitude and phase information of the signal
Benefits: the HF2LI provides a programmable instrument architecture that runs a powerful graphical user interface and permits to run any number of dedicated software tools in parallel for application settings or readouts
Relevant products: HF2LI

HF2LI THz Spectroscopy With Instrumentation Setup

Key Features of the HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier for this Application

  • 8 instruments in 1 box
  • Allows to chop single THz pulses at MHz frequencies
  • Reduction of typical integration time below 10 ms
  • 2 generators and 2 lock-ins allow to drive 2 independent THz setups
  • Flexible sample triggering options

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