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50 MHz Impedance Spectroscope

Key Features

  • 2 measurement units with single-ended and differential operation
  • 0.7 µHz – 50 MHz analog frequency range
  • 210 MSa/s, 14-bit A/D conversion
  • 4 simultaneous frequencies
  • 2-/3-/4-terminal measurement configurations
  • Large range of demodulator filter settings
  • 4x 1 MSa/s, 16-bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog output
  • 2x 400 kSa/s, 16-bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog input
  • USB 2.0 high-speed host connection
  • Includes graphical user interface, programming interfaces and data server


This product is not available anymore.

The HF2IS is the instrument of choice for dynamic and static impedance spectroscopy. Two differential measurement units with a wide frequency range and 4 dual-phase demodulators are matched with the precision of a 128-bit DSP engine. This opens the way to multi-frequency measurements with high sensitivity and precise static impedance characterization combined in one fully-digital benchtop instrument.

This product was discontinued; users interested in similar functionalities may wish to look at the MFIA 500 kHz / 5 MHz Impedance Analyzer and at the HF2LI Lock-in Amplifier.

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