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Key Features

  • 100 MHz wide bandwidth for highly capacitive sources
  • 2 independent amplification channels
  • Precision input impedance for accurate source matching
  • Variable input impedance for accurate source matching
  • Differential input for improved signal integrity
  • Extremely low noise and low input leakage
  • Dedicated interface to HF2 instruments (no direct PC link)


This product is not available anymore.


The HF2CA Current Amplifier converts 2 differential input currents into a differential output voltage over a wide frequency range up to 100 MHz. It is an active probe that can be conveniently placed close to the measurement setup. It supports applications with high capacitive loads, such as dielectric impedance spectroscopy, where a large electrode-to-electrolyte capacitance is measured at high frequencies. The dedicated design of the HF2CA ensures stability and smooth operation over its entire frequency range.

The HF2CA is an ideal fit to the HF2 instruments series thanks to its single connector providing both power supply and remote control, and it can be controlled by the same user interface of all HF2 instruments.



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