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B. Quesson, P. Vanneer, M. Vanrie, M. Vanes, D. Piras, K. Hatakeyama, A. Mohtashami, V. Navarro, T. Duivcnvoorde, and H. Sadeghian

Efficient and Stable Acoustical Coupling for GHz Subsurface Probe Microscopy

2018 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), pp. 1-4, December 20, 2018

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J. Martinek, M. Valtr, V. Hortvík, P. Grolich, D. Briand, M. Shaker, and P. Klapetek

Measurement Science and Technology ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT • The following article is Open access Large area Scanning Thermal Microscopy and infrared imaging system

Measurement Science and Technology, December 21, 2018

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W. Ge, H. Zeng, Y. Shuai, and W. Zhang

Nano-domain nucleation in front of moving domain wall during tip-induced polarization reversal in ion-sliced LiNbO3 thin films

Materials Research Express, Vol.6, Nr. 3, December 21, 2018

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Bereuter L., Kuenzle T., Niederhauser T., Kucera M., Obrist D., Reichlin T., Tanner H., and Haeberlin A.

Fundamental characterization of conductive intracardiac communication for leadless multisite pacemaker systems

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, December 10, 2018

T. Wimmer, M. Althammer, L. Liensberger, N. Vlietstra, S. Geprägs, M. Weiler, R. Gross, and H. Huebl

Spin transport in a charge current induced magnon Bose-Einstein condensate at room temperature

arXiv:1812.01334, December 4, 2018

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G. L. Paravicini-Bagliani, F. Appugliese, E. Richter, F. Valmorra, J. Keller, M. Beck, N. Bartolo, C. Rössler, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin, C. Ciuti, G. Scalari, and J. Faist

Magneto-transport controlled by Landau polariton states

Nature Physics, December 3, 2018

E. Muller, B. Pollard, H. Bechtel, R. Adato, D. Etezadi, H. Altug, and M. Raschke

Nanoimaging and Control of Molecular Vibrations through Electromagnetically Induced Scattering Reaching the Strong Coupling Regime

ACS Photonics, Vol. 5, October 1, 2018

J. Giner, D. Maeda, K. Ono, A. M. Shkel, and T. Sekiguchi

MEMS Gyroscope With Concentrated Springs Suspensions Demonstrating Single Digit Frequency Split and Temperature Robustness

Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, November 2018

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