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M. Weber, S. Westendorf, B. Märker, K. Brauna, and M. Scheele

Opportunities and challenges for electrochemistry in studying the electronic structure of nanocrystals

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, February 2019

H. Lin, F. Deng, C. Zhang, C. Zong, and J. Cheng

Deep learning spectroscopic stimulated Raman scattering microscopy

SPIE 10882, Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XIX, February 2019

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W. Wang, H. Liu, Y. Lu, X. Wang, B. Zhang, S. Cong, Y. Zhao, M. Ji, H. Tao, and L. Wei

Controlled-releasing hydrogen sulfide donor based on dual-modal iron oxide nanoparticles protects myocardial tissue from ischemia–reperfusion injury

International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2019; 14: 875–888.

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J. Urgel, S. Mishra, H. Hayashi, J. Wilhelm, C. Pignedoli, M. Giovannantonio, R. Widmer, M. Yamashita, N. Hieda, P. Ruffieux, H. Yamada, and R. Fasel

On-surface light-induced generation of higher acenes and elucidation of their open-shell character

Nature Communications, Vol. 10, Article number: 861, January 2019

D. van Zanten, D. Sabonis, J. Suter, J. Väyrynen, T. Karzig, D. Pikulin, E. O'Farrell, D. Razmadze, K. Petersson, P. Krogstrup, and C. Marcus

Photon Assisted Tunneling of Zero Modes in a Majorana Wire

arXiv:1902.00797, February 2, 2019

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D. Razmadze, D. Sabonis, F. Malinowski, G. Menard, S. Pauka, H. Nguyen, D. van Zanten, E. O'Farrell, J. Suter, P. Krogstrup, F. Kuemmeth, and C. Marcus

Radio-frequency methods for Majorana-based quantum devices:fast charge sensing and phase diagram mapping

arXiv:1902.00789, February 2, 2019

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Y. Geng, Z. Zhu, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, S. Ouyang, K. Zheng, W. Ye, Y. Fan, Z. Wang, and D. Pan

Multiplexing microelectrodes for dielectrophoretic manipulation and electrical impedance measurement of single particles and cells in a microfluidic device

Electrophoresis, January 2019

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J. Hayden, J. Waclawek, and B. Lendl

Indirect mid-infrared optical feedback cavity-enhanced spectroscopy in a Brewster window cavity

SPIE OPTO, Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XVI, 2019 February

M. Tovar, S. Hengoju, T. Weber, L. Mahler, M. Choudhary, T. Becker, and M. Roth

One Sensor for Multiple Colors: Fluorescence Analysis of Microdroplets in Microbiological Screenings by Frequency-Division Multiplexing

Analytical Chemistry, 91 (4), January 2019

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