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R. Reale, A. Ninno, L. Businaro, P. Bisegna, and F. Caselli

High-throughput electrical position detection of single flowing particles/cells with non-spherical shape

Lab on a Chip, Vol.19, April 2019

Y. Kamada, A. Isobe, T. Oshima, Y. Furubayashi, T. Ido, and T. Sekiguchi

Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer With Perforated and Electrically Separated Mass Structure for Low Noise and Low Power

Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, March 2019

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Y. Yalcin, S. Sukas, T. Töral, U. Gunduz, and H. Kulah

Exploring the relationship between cytoplasmic ion content variation and multidrug resistance in cancer cells via ion-release based impedance spectroscopy

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 290, July 2019

G. Arrabito, V. Errico, A. Ninno, F. Cavaleri, V.Ferrara, B. Pignataro, and F. Caselli

Oil-in-Water fL Droplets by Interfacial Spontaneous Fragmentation and Their Electrical Characterization

Langmuir, Vol. 35, Iss. 14, March 2019

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X. Zhou, D. Cattiaux, R. Gazizulin, A. Luck, O. Maillet, T. Crozes, J-F. Motte, O. Bourgeois, A. Fefferman, and E. Collin

Brute-force cooling and on-chip thermometry for microwave optomechanics

arXiv:1903.04992, March 2019

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