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Giessibl, F.J.

Atomic resolution on Si(111)-(7×7) by noncontact atomic force microscopy with a force sensor based on a quartz tuning fork

Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 1470 (2000)

Albrecht, T.R., Grütter, P., Horne, D. & Rugar, D.

Frequency modulation detection using high‐Q cantilevers for enhanced force microscope sensitivity

J. Appl. Phys. 69, 668 (1991)

Brian J Rodriguez, Clint Callahan, Sergei V Kalinin and Roger Proksch

Dual-frequency resonance-tracking atomic force microscopy

Nanotechnology 18, 47: 5504 (2007)

Ebeling, D., Eslami, B. & De Jesus Solares, S.

Visualizing the Subsurface of Soft Matter: Simultaneous Topographical Imaging, Depth Modulation, and Compositional Mapping with Triple Frequency Atomic Force Microscopy

ACS Nano 7, 10387-10396 (2013)

Collodo, M.C. et al.

Implementation of Conditional-Phase Gates based on tunable ZZ-Interactions


Bengtsson, A. et al.

Quantum approximate optimization of the exact-cover problem on a superconducting quantum processor

Sun, H., Ma, Y., He, Y., Qiao, S., Yang, X. & Tittel, F.K.

Highly sensitive acetylene detection based on a compact multi-pass gas cell and optimized wavelength modulation technique

Infrared Physics & Technology, 102, 103012 (2019)

De Luca, A.C., Dholakia, K. & Mazilu, M.

Modulated Raman Spectroscopy for Enhanced Cancer Diagnosis at the Cellular Level

Sensors 15, 13680–13704 (2015)

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