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Zurich Instruments UHF-DIG Digitizer

Key Features

  • 2 signal inputs, 12-bit, 1.8 GSa/s
  • 128 MSa memory per channel
  • Dual-trace oscilloscope with FFT
  • Segmented memory for up to 32'768 scope shots
  • Fast, continuous data streaming
  • Hardware trigger engine with additional trigger inputs and outputs
  • Additional channels: boxcar, demodulators, Arithmetic Unit, and PID data
  • Full LabOne® integration on user interface and at API level


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The UHF-DIG Digitizer is an option for the UHFLI Lock-in Amplifier that extends the capability of the standard oscilloscope with digitizer features.

With its 12-bit physical resolution and 1.8 GSa/s sampling rate, the UHF-DIG is comparable to commercial standalone dual-channel, high-resolution digitizers. It enables simultaneous visualization of time-domain (digitizer) and frequency-domain (lock-in) traces in the same window. As the response of the analog input is flat at 600 MHz, sampling inside the Nyquist zone can take place at even higher frequency. The sample transfer rate of 7 MSa/s to the host computer ensures smooth transfer of large numbers of shots or long-time continuous digitizing at a reduced sample rate. Further, the option is fully integrated into the LabOne user interface.

UHF-DIG upgrade and compatibility

  • Option upgradeable in the field
  • Compatible with all other UHF options1

1 In some cases, simultaneous operation of the UHF-DIG Digitizer and the UHF-AWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator options can reduce the maximum digitizer sampling rate to 900 MSa/s.

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